smart SCPI-Terminal Micro

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This is a simple terminal to execute a SCPI or similar command via the common interfaces and receive a response if required from a connected device (Serial, Ethernet, GPIB). This offers a possibility to test the communication with our software before buying a Pro version.

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Product Features

Our smallest Terminal for an easy and simple one command communication.

  • Serial, Ethernet, GPIB
  • 5 Languages (EN, DE, IT, ES, FR)
  • One Line Command
  • Procedure Functions
  • Log Files
  • Reading Files
  • Command Library
  • Multi Devices


small & simple

In practice, simple tools are often required to specify or query a setting via an interface on an instrument. A simple and structured interface ensures that you quickly find your way around with our terminal and are specially tailored to the use of SCPI (or comparable syntax).

Our µ-Terminal is our smallest terminal which was designed only for simple queries or executions. Herewith you get a simple but effective software tool free of charge to quickly and easily establish a device connection or to test an interface. Ideal for developers, process supervisors, service technicians and those who need a universal terminal in a hurry.

The current version contains many optimizations for even better and more flexible communication.

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Supported third-party libraries:

National Instruments []
- NationalInstruments.NI4882.dll
- NationalInstruments.Common.dll

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System requirements
- Windows 7, 8, 10
- .NET Framework: 4.7.2 +
- Interface to be used as hardware
- optional drivers for used hardware (GPIB, dll's)
Release History
- Bug fixes
- System stability optimizations
- Bug fixes
- Optimizations ethernet & serial communication
- Bug fixes
- First release

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