Frequently Asked Questions

smarte Software - Made in Germany?
All software tools are developed, programmed and also constantly optimized in Germany. Behind the portal smarte-Software is 100% a German company.
Free of charge or as shareware?
We offer free as well as paid products. Our free tools are identified as "FREE" and our paid ones as "PRO" variant.
How can I purchase a PRO version actually?
To purchase a PRO version, you can currently use our "Offer" button. Here you will receive an individual and customized offer. Which you can confirm or decline.
A fair price-performance ratio is our priority.
Your contact details will be used exclusively for the preparation of the offer and for any queries in this regard.
What forms of payment are available?
Since we distribute digital goods, only prepayment is available. Generally, we accept bank transfers. Other payment methods may be available upon request. You'll receive an official invoice document for your payment.
I have lost the license key, what can I do?
Our license keys are personalized.
If you have lost your license key, you can have it sent to you automatically. To do this, enter the email address that you used when placing your order. Your license key(s) will then be sent to you automatically by e-mail. Please also check your spam folder if necessary. License key request
I have discovered a software error.
Have you discovered a software problem or bug? Please share your findings with us to improve the products and keep you and other customers satisfied. You can report bugs on a dedicated page or by e-mail.
How can i get support?
Do you need support or help with our products? Please contact us by email or via our contact form, which is available 24/7 for you. We'll answer as soon as possible during our standard business hours.
Install National Instrument driver or dll file?
You want to use our communication software with a GPIB/IEEE adapter? To use the GPIB/IEEE interface, you need to install the necessary *dll files as well as drivers. Please download from the National Instrument NI-488.2 support page* the latest NI driver (v20.0 +) and install it. After successful installation you will find the required *dll files (NationalInstruments.NI4882.dll) in the NI directory. Copy these files into the main directory where our software is located as .exe. After a restart the GPIB interface should be available in our software.

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