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We at develop software tools for the process industry and other industries. Our goal to provide you with simple but value-added software and systems drives us. Learn more about us and our available software tools.

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Communication Terminals

We develop and supply communication terminal software for serial, Ethernet and GPIB|IEEE 488.2 communication.

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SCPI Command Set & Co.

Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments is a standardized set of commands used to control and program measuring instruments.

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Create and Run programming Command procedures without programming knowledge.

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We offer prepared command libraries for different types and brands of devices for a faster and easier usage of our terminal programs.

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Ethernet, Serial and GPIB (IEEE 488.2)

Several types of interface types are supported for a flexible communication.
(GPIB | IEEE 488.2 communication is currently only supported with interface hardware compatible with NationalInstruments.NI4882.dll)*

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Our program interfaces are clearly structured and all necessary data is visualized.

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Our software tools usually support more than two languages and can therefore be used internationally.

*Other product and company names mentioned herein are trademarks or trade names of their respective companies. Their drivers or required files are not supplied by us and must be obtained and added by the customer.

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Customized Solution

We develop and deliver customized software for various application areas.

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Easy Look & Feel

An application does not have to be complex. We limit ourselves to the most necessary to offer the users a pleasant look & feel. Effectiveness is always in the foreground.

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Digital automation
(DataMatrix, API's, Terminals & More)

We try to equip processes with a high degree of automation. We want users to enjoy working with software and not perceive it as competition or additional burden.

*Other product and company names mentioned herein are trademarks or trade names of their respective companies.

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1. Research

We can only achieve change if we understand it.

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2. Optimizing

Standing still is a step backwards. Continuous optimization of our products is important to us.

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3. Result

We have reached a goal when you have reached your goal.


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What you need to know...

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SCPI are Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments like Measuring Devices which are able to work remotely. That Syntax works with two main factors. Commands with "?" at the end are queries and requires an answer and commands without "?" are commands to perform a setting. There is a command categorisation available but this is not mandatory for manufacturers to use it. Nevertheless, this has become established as a kind of standard.

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GPIB | IEEE 488.2

GPIB Interfaces are little bit old fashion today but a lot of high end measuring devices are still providing this communication interfaces. Why? This is a difficult answer but the speed and the function to have an own measuring network and don't work with standard LAN-Traffic and their traffic problems are mostly the reason for.

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Command set?

Manufacturere calling their remote languages "command set" a lot of brands are offering different kind of command sets in their devices to have a compatility option to similar devices, which are working with another command set. Mostly the syntax is very similar to the SCPI command set, but allows a device manufacturer to use a higher and more functional language or increased functionality than the SCPI command set offers.